Program Details

Age Group: 5, 6 & 7 year old boys and girls


Grades:  K - 1st grade


Fee: $40.00 until January 28, 2022 and $45.00 after January 28, 2022


Details: Players will have 1-2 practices per week prior to opening day, April 23, 2022. While in T-Ball, they will learn the basics of the game while having a lot of fun. Season starts April 23, 2022 and ends in June 2022. Players will have 1-3 games a week during the season.


Rules: T-Ball Rules


2022 Practice Schedule


2022 Game Schedule





Player Registration

T-Ball Teams

Head Coach: Matt Chisholm
Assistant Coach: 
Collin Koogler

Gunnar Hare
Cole Jacobs
Wesley Huber
Silas Godfrey
Deklan Godfrey
Colin Huber
Sawyer Stouder
Abigail Dills
Nona Koogler
Brycyn Beehler

Head Coach: Gene Miller
Assistant Coaches:  Casey Larson and Tavis Amundson

Eden Duncan
Brantley Buss
Brantley Mathews
Olivia King
Irelan Scott
Silas Neff
Maverick Amundson
Jude Larson
Titan Amundson
Marcus Miller

Head Coach: Nick Mast
Assistant Coach: Tyler Bontrager

Aja Blasio
Isabella Miller
Jayse Sands
Lucy Miller
Jaden Nine
Halen Pelz-White
Madeline Cravens
Koleson Farver
Kade Bontrager
Nora Mast

Head Coach:  Heather Stevison
Assistant Coach:  

Macy Kritzman
Korbin Owen
Lucas Page
Nolan Gingerich
jude Anderson
Hannah Lambert
Macie All
Ava Masterson
Corbin Riley
Elijah Stevison

Head Coach:  Kyle Hire
Assistant Coach:  Jason Smith

Aiden Ream
Phoenix Sailor
Canaan McCloud
Kole Miller
Reagann Carrick
Kaison Slabaugh
Everett Anglemeyer
Eva Lawson
Nolan Smith
Oliver Hire

Head Coach:   Toby Crowley
Assistant Coach: 

Hoyt Crowley
Liam Huelsman
Aspen Witmer
Harvey Slabaugh
Molly Slabaugh
Camila Manzanares
Blane Freund
Trace Miller
Noah Wells
Iree Crowley

Head Coach:  Sean Cale
Assistant Coach:  Bill Horn

Benjamin VanderReyden
Carter Simmons
Charlie Steffen
Matthew Bollinger
Legend Gangloff
Alyssa Hartman
Crosby Drudge
Sean Zimmerman
Hudson Horn
Atticus Cale

Head Coach:  Scott Evans
Assistant Coach:  Mike Blosser

Wyatt Ralston
Gavin Jasso
Tavin Gingerich
Bently Arnold
Noelle Koch
Victoria Lopez
Mauricio Lopez
Canden Camacho
Emry Blosser
Kate Evans

Head Coach: Mark Boyd
Assistant Coach: Justin Dobson

Kyra Robbins
Wyatt Melvan
Harrison Stutzman
Cooper Rolston
Cameron Rolston
Margaret Garl
Quentin Bailey
Braylin Dobson
Paxton Boyd

Head Coach: Courtney Sponseller
Assistant Coaches:  Jeremy Sponseller and Kevin Yoder

Mia Simmons
Camden Burtsfield
Kai Schrock
Weston Erxleben
Harper Neese
Ayla Kauffman
Deacon Williams
Bo Showalter
Blake Yoder
Logan Sponseller

Head Coach:  Cameron Troyer
Assistant Coach: 

Landon Johnson
Staten Stanger
Carissa Roberts
Navey Yun
Lance Nissley
Wesley Temple
Cayden Troyer
Nixon Yun
Alexander Drake
Levi Troyer

Head Coach:  Aaron Fosnough
Assistant Coach: Ryan LeCount

Temperance Draper
Owen Haab
Gage Garner
Sophia Hughes
Ginger Best
Novaleigh Wernlund
Blakely Schwartz
Warren Yoder
Luke LeCount
Kamden Fosnough

Head Coach:  Zach Conrad
Assistant Coach:  Jeremy Dreier

Athena Kohler
Phoenix Krowicki
Tenley Miller
Cameron Yoder
Walt Stutzman
Talan Metzler
Maximus Dreier
Silas Wortinger
Jade Dreier
Ayden Conrad

Code of Conduct

The Fairfield Youth League is dedicated to ensure that the conduct of all individuals involved with, and associated, with the Fairfield Youth League is conducted in a professional, courteous and family- friendly manner.  This includes, but is not limited to: Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Players, Parents, Spectators, etc.  We want to ensure that games are fair, positive and enjoyable experiences for all the participants. A game should be friendly, unifying and a spirited social and athletic occasion for coaches and players.

Fairfield Youth League expects the coaches, players, parents and spectators to conform to the codes of conduct listed below:

  • At all times, be an example of dignity, patience and a positive spirit.
  • Use of tobacco products, alcohol or foul language is strictly prohibited.
  • Under no circumstances is physical aggression acceptable.
  • All league guidelines and game rules must be followed without exception.
  • Arguing with the umpires is not allowed under any circumstance.
  • Destruction of league equipment or property is unacceptable.
  • Any demeaning or mean-spirited comments, directed to or toward any players, coaches, umpires, or spectators are unsportsmanlike, and will not be tolerated.

Managers, coaches, parents and spectators that violate any of the above listed “Conduct Codes” will face immediate review by the FYL Disciplinary Panel and may be suspended or removed from their position as manger or spectator.